Saturday10th July 2021

4:00 pm


Summer concert

World-Jazz with Guitar & Trombone

with the

Duo „Mehr Als Wir“

Matthias Ehrig (guitar) and Andreas Uhlmann (trombone) are “Mehr Als Wir” (More Than Us) and the name says it all: with bass-amplified guitar, trombone, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, stompbox and loop stations, the instrumental compositions of the two Leipzig locals surprise with an astonishingly three-dimensional variety of sound. And so, when listening, one may rub one’s ears in amazement that there are only two musicians behind this full band sound. As former creative partners and masterminds of bands like Interloop, Red5, ULMAN and Cinnamon, the two experienced instrumentalists have come together again with “Mehr Als Wir” to play out their musical synergy twice over. The mature and catchy songs play with influences from jazz, pop and folk. A soundtrack for life in all its facets.