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at church St. Laurentius

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Musiksommer Markranstädt

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I kindly welcome you at our homepage.

Markranstaedt is a rather small city in the western part of Saxony and counts about 15 000 inhabitants. Since 2001, we are delighted to offer a monthly concert program in the time between April and October. These various and popular concerts are performed in our brightly renovated church St. Laurentius, which is located directly at our market place. We offer concerts for orchestra, the organ as well as chamber musical events. One can reach our church easily by using public transport. During every concert sufficient parking possibilities are provided at the market place as well.
After the musical season of summer has come to an end, we continue in November with our concert at the day of Prayer and Repentance. Biyearly at this day, Mozart´s famous “Requiem” will be performed by soloists, our orchestra and the church choir.
We kindly invite you to join the highlight of musical Christmas atmosphere. Every year our church choir performs the unique Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach at the 3rd Advent.
Our concert at New Year´s Eve completes every year of musical preciousness. We would be joyful to see you visiting the church as well as our concerts.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Lehmann – church musician of St. Laurentius and conductor of the orchestra

Note on the 21st Markranstädter Musiksommer:

After we had to cancel the concerts of the last months, the autumn concert with Alexander May (clarinet) and Frank Lehmann (organ) could take place.

The final concert planned for 9 October is to be a special treat. Prof. Rolf-Dieter Arens (piano) and the orchestra of the Sinfonischer Musikverein Leipzig e. V. under its conductor Frank Lehmann will play works by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Beethoven and Schubert.

The rules that will make the final concert possible and how ticket sales will be organised will be published here as soon as we are able.

Therefore, please check our website for updates in the run-up to the event.

upcoming events

We kindly welcome you to our events in 2021 in the church St. Laurentius of Markranstädt.

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4th October 2021 // 6:00 pm


Introduction to the Conclusion concert
with musicologist Thomas Kauba

at the church St. Laurentius

free entrance

9th October 2021 // 4:00 pm

Conclusion concert

Works from Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Beethoven and Schubert

performed by

Prof. Rolf-Dieter Arens (piano)
Orchestra of Sinfonischer Musikverein Leipzig e. V.
Conductor: Frank Lehmann

Entrance fee: Eu 15,-

the agenda


You can find more events in the Archiv.

Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 3 in c minor op. 37 Symphony No. 2 in d major op. 36 Dietmar Nawroth (piano) Orchestra “Sinfonischer Musikverein Leipzig e. V.” Conductor: Frank Lehmann

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The organ

… at St. Laurentius Markranstädt

Our organ was built in 1886 and replaced the instrument built in 1617/18 by Heinrich Compenius the Younger.

The organ is in possession of two keyboards, a pedal, 24 stops and a swell and has been completely restored during the interior renovation of the church St. Laurentius in 2006/2007.

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